One Seed at a Time

By 7045276682 14 Apr, 2017

Growing Petersburg is going on it's second year at this location. We are so excited that spring is finally here, and the growing season is upon us, we tilled the ground and it will soon be filled with life. Our mission here is to not only provide fresh local food to those around us, but to also affect our community. Farming as a lifestyle teaches so many lessons about life and can help mold a young person as it did our president and founder Mike Jackson.

Using your hands and watching something grow as you tend to it definitely gives you a sense of greater and responsibility. Young and old can benefit from the art of gardening, it not only offers a certain peace of mind, but also entrepreneur opportunity. Imagine making your own herbal products, or supplying farm to table to local restaurants, or learning any number of skills that empower and embolden you to grow your own opportunities.

Well this is Spring and the weather is beautiful so get out come out and see us. We are on the hill above JEB Stuart Elementary. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest.

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