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Think Then Choose Wisely is a local nonprofit organization on a mission to help young people make better choices that affect their life. By partnering with the School of Agriculture at the VA State University, we provide a well-rounded education program through the Petersburg public school system. With a staff that has experience in home farming, we seek to educate you about nutrition and more.
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson

Our President, Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson grew up in the high-rise housing projects of Philadelphia without a father. Mike's mother, grandmother, and other mentors taught him many lessons about life. 

Mike aims at using his experience with drugs, alcohol, and violence to help young people learn the importance of making good choices in life that give them an opportunity to succeed in life.

Mike’s life has been about choices, whether they were to show respect to his mother and grandmother or to accept the mentoring of a kind Quaker lady. His good choices gave him the opportunity to tour in the United States Marine Corp and later enabled him to start his own business.

A single bad choice to use alcohol almost cost Mike his wife of 36 years, his freedom, and life. Through this experience, Mike realized the importance of family, freedom, and life. He now aims to spread awareness of these three factors among young people.

Mike's mission is to teach young people to Think Then Choose Wisely. This will help them enjoy the opportunities that good choices can bring.
Evelyn Jackson

Evelyn Jackson, Board Member

Evelyn is Mike's wife, and the two of them have been married for over forty years and continue to support each other through good times and bad. As an R.N. for over thirty years, Evelyn's commitment to helping those in need has never wavered.

She aims at giving back to the community by being actively involved in the activities of Think Then Choose Wisely.
Mike Jackson

Brent Reid, Board Member

Brent is originally from Pennsylvania and attended Edinboro University. He lived most of his adult life in Texas, starting out in sales, with some success selling Solar Energy systems in the 80’s. He then went into the IT industry. Today, he is CEO of Alexandri, an IT consulting firm. Alexandri also writes and markets security software. He came to the Petersburg area in 2005 as a consultant at Ft Lee. Since that time, Petersburg has become home base for Brent and his Wife. He enjoys the benefits that this wonderful city has to offer, and at the same time he sees the needs of the people here. Brent met Michael at a cook out this past summer, and had already heard about his organization and some of the hurdles he had to jump to get it going. Once he learned more about Think Then Choose Wisely and the successes they have generated, and what is coming in the near future, he offered his time and expertise to the organization to help them achieve their goals.
Mike Jackson

Stacy Shaw, Board Member

Stacy Shaw, has been a leading non-profit management executive for more than 25 years for professional theatres including The National Theatre, The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, The Shakespeare Theatre in DC, Georgia Shakespeare, The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, and The Alabama Shakespeare Festival. She has served as director of all major administrative and revenue generating departments including Managing Director, General Manager, Director of Development and Director of Marketing. Additionally, Shaw worked as an Assistant Professor and Director of the M.F.A. Program in Arts Management at the University of Alabama and the undergraduate program in Arts Administration at the College of Charleston. Shaw earned her M.F.A. in Theatre Management/Arts Administration from Virginia Tech and her B.A. in Art from Goucher College.
Evelyn Jackson

Anita Reid, Board Member

Anita was born in Petersburg and received her college education at Longwood. She now shares her love of learning through reading and after-school mentoring programs at local elementary schools and is excited to be a part of the Think Then Choose Wisely team.
Mike Jackson

Amy Siefferman, Board Secretary

Bios coming soon.
Eddie Woodmancy
Rue Shumate

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  • Eddie Woodmancy, Board Member
  • Rue Shumate, Board Member
Visit us at 535 Beech Street Petersburg, VA 23803 to learn more about what we do.
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